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  • There is one God | True is His Name | He is The Creator & The Prime Being | Devoid of fear | Without enimity | Immortal |

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  • Oh Lord! In Thy Name lies the joy of | Living in peace | Thy grace, is my only family. | Thy will, is my law | All else to me is of little worth.

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  • Fellow Devotees | Speak never a rude word to any | For the Lord Eternal abides in all | Break no heart | Know that each being is a priceless jewel.

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  • Pre-eminent among men is The Man | Whose egoism is shed in holy company | One who believes in himself to be lowly and humble | Is really supreme among all | Video of Parents NITE 2016

  • Brethren | He alone is truly pure whose heart is pure | Who sheds the filth of falsehood | And who through self purification makes the body chaste | He alone is truly pure who loves truth | One whose heart rejoys in God’s name shall | Alone attain the door of libration.

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  • This prayer I offer Thee | Thou art the true Lord | Eternal protector | On Thee I ever meditate | All creation is Thine | And thou Pervade in it |

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Guru Gobind Singh educational society, is an autonomous organization, set up by the pioneering efforts of the then Sikh officers of bokaro steel limited, registered with the government of Bihar in April 1979. The Society and The schools as named after the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh. The Guru was born at the orders of Bahadur the ninth guru who was beheaded in chandni chowk, Delhi at the orders of Emperor Aurangzeb. The ninth guru attained for ...

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  • School Curriculum

    The School curriculum looks beyond the frontiers of the text books and makes learning and effective and self driven process by Read More »

  • Code of Conduct

    It School always be kept in mind that a school assessed by the code of conduct of the student. the following code of conduct Read More »